Sharing the publication of Results between partners - what is best practice?

Hi all,

We are about to start publishing results for the first time, as part of a project funded by Netherlands MFA.

As lead in a consortium project, we’re coming up against the question of how we publish results data when the activities and resulting figures are shared amongst the partners - it will be near impossible for us to separate figures for some indicators.

What is best practice here? Based on comments from one of the proposals to the 2.03 upgrade, I understand that the prime (us, in this case) should be solely responsible for publishing results figures when they cannot be separated. This will prevent double counting.

Is this the advised approach? We will soon have a call with our partners to discuss this. We predict that they, understandably, will be concerned about not having their contribution recognised. But if this is the best practice, we will continue as such.

Any other thoughts and tips welcome.



Proposal - Results – recognising partner contributions (excluded 2.03)

“Where there are overarching results (e.g. where multiple organisations’ contributions cannot be separated) these results are reported by the lead organisation”

Hi @DanielMackenzie you might want to talk to the Wash Alliance International. I think they were also publishing results on behalf of a consortium with the individual agencies publishing their contributions.

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the tip. They have a general contact email address on their IATI data which I will use to get in touch. Please let me know if you have an alternative/more direct contact detail.