Show IATI: iatikit. A toolkit for using IATI data

(Andy Lulham) #1

It’s been about a month since my last “Show IATI” post, so high time for another.

iatikit is a python library for analysing IATI data. The documentation is here. You can install it with:

pip install iatikit

iatikit makes it easy to download the latest IATI data, and then work with it locally on your machine. It’s intended for those with programming skills, who are looking to analyse or generate insights from IATI data. Here are a couple of examples of the sorts of thing you can use it for.

It’s lacking first class support for a lot of IATI features, but I intend to keep improving and adding to it. If you do find a use for it, please post about that here! If you have any feature requests or find any bugs, please add them as github issues. Thanks!

(SJohns) #2

This is fab @andylolz - thank you for sharing this. I’m not a developer but I’ve been learning Python for the last year or so and creating code using Jupyter notebook. The instructions and examples you give are really clear and easy to follow, and the code is straight forward enough for anyone to have a go. Might even get my Code Clubbers onto it! Recommended.

(Andy Lulham) #3

Thanks @SJohns! Really pleased you’ve found it useful.

I’m in the process of adding some basic Transaction support (see pwyf/iatikit#15), and then I think it’ll be significantly more useful.