Show IATI: Visualise organisation file data with IATI Decipher

(Andy Lulham) #1

I’ve got a mini collection of “Show IATI” discuss posts, so I thought I’d add this one.

Launched at the TAG, IATI Decipher is a browser plugin for visualising IATI organisation files. It enhances the IATI registry, enabling users to view budget and expenditure data graphically, and quickly search and access organisation level documents.

Here’s a demo:


You can download the plugin from here:

Once it’s installed, visit an IATI organisation file page (like this one) and hit the red “Visualise” button.

Feedback and comments much appreciated!

(Matt Geddes) #2

Very cool - thanks a lot. Installed, and already used it to show someone the value of IATI org files - and the ‘greying-out’ of unavailable items is super helpful.

If I could be greedy and ask for more features…because it is so easy to search for a publisher via the browser plugin, I tend to use that rather than going to the registry, but often it means I need to know the ‘correct name’ that the publisher is using. Perhaps this could search a few more fields e.g. the publisher country? For example - to find the German Foreign Ministry file, I tried BMZ, Bundes…, Deutschland, German…and finally ‘Germany’ before I got it - whereas if it could return all publishers based in Germany, it would be easier in many cases.

(Andy Lulham) #3

Thanks, @matmaxgeds! I’ve added a github ticket. If you’re on github, let’s follow up there.

(Matt Geddes) #4

@andylolz just updated to v1.3, it works a treat with the wider search - thanks for the rapid tweaks