Specification of User-Defined Vocabularies

(Hayden Field) #1

Under the Sector Vocabulary Codelist, you may specify a user-defined vocabulary by specifying a code of 99. You may specify a specify a second user-defined vocabulary by specifying a code of 98. There is no way to specify a third (or more) user-defined vocabularies.

Other Vocabulary Codelists including Policy Marker and Humanitarian Scope are even more restrictive in that they only define a method to specify a single user-defined vocabulary.

If multiple user-defined vocabularies may actually be specified through unique vocabulary-uri values:

  • Code 98 values should probably be withdrawn.
  • It should be documented that multiple user-defined vocabularies may be identified using unique vocabulary-uri values for version 2.02+ publishers.

Alternatively, It is unclear whether a //sector/narrative could be used as a UID. If it describes the @code, it cannot. If it describes or defines the vocabulary, it can. If it can describe either or both (as appears to be), it cannot.

As a related issue, the name Reporting Organisation for code 99 does not clearly identify its meaning, and is not correct in all instances - a code 99 vocabulary may be maintained by an organisation other than the Reporting Org.

In summary

  • There should be a standardised and scalable method for defining and uniquely identifying multiple user-defined vocabularies.
  • The Name of code 99 should be changed to more accurately state what it is, and descriptions added / updated to reflect this.

(Hayden Field) #2

@bill_anderson may have some thoughts