Summary table of IATI Standard, for comm or briefing purposes?

I wonder if anyone has created a table (Excel or Word) with all the IATI Standard elements (and perhaps SOME of the details on the elements eg definition, key attributes)? I have in mind something much simpler than the summary table available on the Standard page - I don’t want to scare anyone… (yet). I need to make a presentation on the IATI Standard and such a table would be a very useful starting point, save me a lot of time.

Does this work for you?

Thanks Bill. This looks like the Summary Table on the Standard page, but in Excel, no?

In any case, it’s way too detailed for a non-tech presentation. What I’m looking for would be closer to the Implementation Schedule table, but with a bit more information, such as the key attributes for each element (for instance, when we say that we publish transactions, it’s useful to specify that this includes the date, recipient, value, date - but we don’t need to go into all the nitty-gritty).

So in the table you link to, I’d have to remove a few columns, which is easy, but also several rows, which is time-consuming. I thought I’d free-ride on someone else’s work if I can!