TAG 2016 - exciting news!

(Joni Hillman) #1

The IATI Secretariat and Tech Team have been busy planning the next TAG meeting and we have some exciting news to share:

Date and location
The next TAG will take place in late November / early December this year in Eastern Africa. We will confirm both the exact dates and location as soon as we can.

This TAG will be spread over three days:

  • Day 1: Technical Consultation Workshop - an opportunity for IATI ‘super users’ to come together to resolve in detail some of the thornier issues we all encounter (double counting and traceability, for example) and work collaboratively towards establishing firm rules or guidelines for the community.
  • Days 2 & 3: A mixture of workshops, marketplaces and plenary sessions pitched at different audiences.

In preparation for the Technical Consultation Workshop, we will be posting consultation papers on a selection of topics over the coming weeks and asking you to share your thoughts and ideas so we can go into the workshop with a clear sense of where there is consensus and where we still need to do some more work.

Call for session proposals
We’d like to make sure the agenda for Days 2 and 3 reflects your interests as much as possible, so we’ll be asking for ideas from the community for sessions on particular topics. Look out for the call for proposals over the next few weeks.

The TAG is always a great opportunity to learn more about new (and old) initiatives, tools and ideas. However, we think ‘show and tell’ isn’t enough - we’d like to hear a call to action too. What could change as a result of people joining your initiative? How would using a new tool move things away from business as usual? So we’ll be asking you to ‘sell’ your stall with a lightning talk.

Do keep an eye on Discuss over the coming weeks as we post more information and ask for your input.

Looking forward to seeing you all later this year for another great TAG meeting!

Best wishes,


(IATI Lead, Development Initiatives)

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Standards Day
(Rolf Kleef) #2

Hi Joni, is there any further news on this already? From the survey about the best dates I had the impression it would be back to back with the HLM on aid effectiveness in Nairobi, at IODC16 last week people said it might be Ethiopia (that just declared a state of emergency for the next six months…)