TAG 2017 workshop proposals - deadline extended?

(Steven Flower) #1

HI All

Just wanted to check that teh deadline for proposed sessions at the TAG 2017 will be extended for a while, until we know when the event will be me etc?


(Steven Flower) #2

I can see from latest newsletter that session proposals can be made at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXly27QJeRTUfyjvlljZkG_-Wi-1uZO22HK0k2s2LLorefNw/viewform?c=0&w=1

(Steven Flower) #3

@JoniHillman @JohnAdams is there a cut-off date for this?

(Joni Hillman) #4

Sorry @stevieflow - totally missed your first post for some reason…

Yes - deadline for proposals has been extended to this Friday, 20 January. Please do share ideas you have here: https://goo.gl/forms/a1JvKVOldW9uaXAS2

(SJohns) #5

Hi I’ve submitted two proposals based on workstreams we are collaborating on with others, just wondered if we are going to get to see all the proposals so we can see potential for doing joint sessions? Also be good to know what people are interested in!

(Ole Jacob Hjøllund) #6

That url doesnt make sense …?

(Joni Hillman) #7

Hi Sarah,
We’ll get in touch with people who’ve submitted similar proposals and suggest they work together, as is usual for these events.
Best wishes,

(Joni Hillman) #8

Hi OJ,
The link works for me - it’s just a shortened url for a Google Form. Let me know if you are having trouble accessing it.
Best wishes,

(Ole Jacob Hjøllund) #9

Dear Joni - I get HTTP 403 error, as if I’m not allowed to open. That Means: It seems not to be security-software on my side that’s blocking my access. Hope that my entries on this site is OK as input - it would be an important Progress if I could bring home a receipt for future PIU-reporting, from the TAG in Dar.