TAG Newsletter - how many people get, open & read it?

(Steven Flower) #1

I know I do!

It’s great that this is sent every two weeks - many thanks to those that consistently make this happen --> @JohnAdams @Rohini_Simbodyal & others…

This would be great data for us to see though, to get a sense of how large/small/engaged the TAG community is, via the lens of the newsletter.

The set template is also very useful - I know where to look in the newsletter, and what to expect. One suggestion I’d have would be to include links to “hot topics” on IATI Discuss, to help people see where discussions are shaping up (particularly useful if you switch of Discuss alerts, as I do)

NB: I know it won’t be possible to know how many people actually read the newsletter (I think!)

(John Adams) #2

Steven, looking at the mailchimp stats, seems fairly consistent:

936 subscribers (compared with 900 in August and 875 back in Jan)
25% open
6% clicks

Clicks and opens go up dramatically when there is something specific like TAG event news or calls to action

(Jay Sharma) #3

Hi, I’m a newbie here. I get weekly updates on posts emailed and open the Mailchimp alert when it catches my eye - and when I’ve been thinking about related matters. I dont have a tech background and am still unsure as to whether discussions are orientated to those who do. This is my first post, so apols if it is off topic there’s a better thread.

My interest is in ‘using cloud-based collaboration to develop and deliver sustainable, co-produced social good projects, incorporating Nudge theory (Behavioural Insights),enabling data aggregation, good governance and budget transparency’

Cheers! Jay

(Steven Flower) #4

This is very helpful, thanks @JohnAdams. It seems to be grow in line with the number of publishers?