Tech Paper: Miscellaneous Rules and Guidelines

Make Rules and Guidelines part of the Standard

The initial submission for Version 2.01 of the standard proposed that a number of elements contained in IATI’s general guidance should be included in the standard itself: namely timeliness and multi-level reporting (see current paper on hierarchies). A meeting of the Steering Committee in March 2014 agreed “that more work needs to be done on bringing general guidance into the formal standard, so this should be excluded” from the 2.01 upgrade.

We think the time is ripe for reconsidering how a number of key features of IATI that cannot be controlled by the XML Schema could be included in the Standard

Implementation Schedules

Implementation schedules played a key role in capturing the intentions of publishers in the early years of the Standard. This proposal will recommend that their usefulness has run its course.

Status of Publishers (IATI Registry)

The Registry reports that over 500 Organisations have published. Our publishing statistics show, however, that 100 of these are not reporting any current information. There is a need to classify publishers that are dormant or have been merged, liquidated, etc.


Is it time for timeliness guidelines to be included in the standard?

This paper is part of the Agenda for the IATI TAG 2016 Technical Consultation Workshop

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The draft paper is available here