Tech Paper: Traceability

(Bill Anderson) #1

When UK’s DFID began it’s drive to trace finances down the delivery chain there were discussions with the IATI Tech Team on methodology, but these were never formalised. With the UK, Netherlands and World Food Programme experience of implementing traceability, we now need to establish documented rules and guidelines.

This paper is part of the Agenda for the IATI TAG 2016 Technical Consultation Workshop

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Standards Day: Outline Agenda
(Steven Flower) #2

The Initiative for Open Ag Funding has also flagged better guidance on traceability as a valuable development, so this would be welcome (cc/ @laia_grino @TimDavies)

(Martin Akerman) #3

Count me in if you need help in this area :slight_smile:

(Herman van Loon) #4

Yes, happy to contribute to this topic.

(Bill Anderson) #5

Draft paper is available here

This has been deliberately kept short and simple for clarity and effectiveness.

Can we agree that this is the one and only way to do traceability?

(Herman van Loon) #6

Like your short technical papers :). Comments added.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #7

Comments added to. I think they boil down to “not quite sure how things get sorted between rule and guidance”.

(Matt Geddes) #8

Thanks - added a few comments, certainly helped me to understand how IATI is aiming to crack traceability