The IATI Data Tickets website has closed

(Dale Potter) #1

The IATI Technical Team have taken the decision to close down the IATI Data Tickets website (formerly accessible at with immediate effect. Data quality issues can now be posted to the IATI Discuss Data quality section


The IATI Data Tickets was initially set-up in 2013 as a way for data users to report problems with published datasets. It only saw limited use, with 9 distinct users, almost half of whom were employed by the IATI Secretariat at the time.

There have been no new reported tickets since March 2015, although for some time new users were not able to set-up new accounts. There were calls to re-enable new user registrations, which was completed in January 2017. However, the site has been subject to very high numbers of suspicious requests, overloading the server and resulting in denial of service for this and other services (including the CSV2IATI publishing tool) which run on the same server.

These issues are mostly due to the underlying software (and anti-spam) plugins being outdated. Given that the site experiences such low usage and cannot be supported by us, we have decided to remove the site.

The IATI Technical Team have kept a backup of all 231 tickets that were posted up to March 2015. When resources and team capacity allow, we will review the status of these tickets, as well as the long-term future of how data quality issues are reported.