Thematic tags for datasets on registry

(Matt Geddes) #1


I was browsing a dataset on the registry, and saw for the first time (did I just miss it before?) some thematic tags, in this case “child rights” and “gender equality” - please can I ask where these come from, and what are they used for? Is there a codelist for the tags somewhere?


(Samuele Mattiuzzo) #2

Hi @matmaxgeds users on the Registry can add tag(s) to the dataset they upload. They are all listed here but there isn’t a codelist for it as it is a registry-only convenience feature

(Matt Geddes) #3

thanks @samuele-mattiuzzo - maybe once there is some breathing room next year we can figure out whether they are useful, if they make sense etc, or even if they are accurate!

(Samuele Mattiuzzo) #4

They don’t seem to be retrieved with the results when inspecting a specific dataset’s contents, so I guess it’s harmless to have them there. They have been manually typed by users, so I guess for them are a useful way of tagging and retrieving a piece of information they need.

But agreed, this is one for another time!