Towards IATI 2.01

(Steven Flower) #1

Topic for people to post questions, queries and answers about publishing and working with IATI 2.01 data

NB: In the period up to 6th January 2015, the community are invited to test IATI 2.01. After this date, organisations will be able to publish 2.01 data.

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(John Adams) #2

I’ve managed to generate a DFID IATI 2.01 file, and it was relatively easy to do. On the SQL-to-IATI database tool I mainly needed to adapt the view that generates the XML from the core tables. About half a day’s work.

I started by putting the elements in approximate order, according to the, and then used the validator to test each iteration on one activity. In our case I started with a hierarchy=1 activity, proved that, and then a hierarchy=2 activity, and finally an entire country file. The validator was fantastically useful.

I’d be interested to know others’ experiences.

For us the more challenging thing is to adapt DevTracker data import to 2.01, particularly now everything has moved to codelists!

(Adrian Collier) #3

I’ve also been working with the 2.01 version in relation to the adoption of the model within Akvo RSR and further reporting and monitoring work.

The changes are not so complex - the order of the file gives a nice structure that I was previously lacking. It has resulted in some minor changes in scripts, but overall it makes the files much easier to read and find the information you want.

Still to do output validation - but that should come in the next week.