TransactionType codes (included 2.03)


(Herman van Loon) #23

I am ok with adding the pledge as a separate transaction type in 2.03, but it only seems like a partial solution.

(Abdul Riza) #24

I think it wouldn’t hurt to include pledge as a transaction type in 2.03. Since there is a need for the information on pledges (FTS, at least) it would make sense to accommodate and allow publishers to publish pledges, if the information is available.

(IATI Technical Team) #25

Following the call to seek consensus on the humanitarian proposals that took place on 5th September 2017 this proposal has now been accepted for inclusion as part of v2.03

(IATI Technical Team) #26

This proposal has been been included in the 2.03 upgrade. It can be viewed in the following two Discuss posts:

(IATI Technical Team) #27