Under the Bonnet: Standard Tuning Issues

(Hayden Field) #1

This document contains a number of problems, issues and suggestions for tuning the Standard. They primarily involve small changes to the existing Standard content rather than adding anything new. Points are roughly grouped by type of problem / suggested addition, though are currently very mixed in terms of severity / impact.

There are also a number of issues logged directly against the SSOT under Schemas, Rulesets and Extra Documentation. These are generally small issues relating to documentation content. If any of these issues impact interpretation or use of the Standard, a note should be made on Github to copy them into this document.

Under the Bonnet: Various Improvements to Guidelines
(Hayden Field) #2

Note: At present, the Activity Standard has been reviewed in detail (v2.02 was read through). It is intended to read through the Org Standard in detail shortly, and a post made on here once this has been completed - Update: See post below.

(Hayden Field) #3

The Org Standard (v2.02 - Definitions, Rules, Attributes) has now been read through in detail. Several issues have been created on Github relating to this.