Update to U.S. Files

(Kate Alexander) #1

I wanted to share updates made to the U.S. IATI files during the months of September and October.

Several changes were made to the U.S. Government’s IATI files to simplify user interaction with U.S. data.

•Hierarchy 1 (Project) and Hierarchy 2 (Results) have been removed, and Hierarchy 3 (Transactional) has been renamed as Hierarchy 1 (Activity), since it is the only level remaining. This simplifies the U.S. files, reducing their size, and removing duplicative data.
•As with other U.S. Government files, the Category code has been removed from the IATI identifier. This makes it easier for users to track transactions by award since all U.S. IATI identifiers have been changed.
•The organization prefix of “US” has been changed to "US-GOV.” This aligns U.S. files to the same standard, which streamlines tracking of U.S. foreign assistance financial flows for IATI users.
•The Transaction description element has been added. This will facilitate the reporting of data on transactions, which will make U.S. IATI files more complete.
•The Humanitarian attribute was included within the Transaction element and the Humanitarian-scope element. This will help users more effectively track humanitarian assistance.

Additional U.S. agencies were added to the U.S. IATI activity files to improve the completeness of U.S. data.

Click here for a full list of agencies included in the U.S. IATI activity files. Including additional agencies will provide stakeholders with more comprehensive information on the scope of U.S. foreign assistance activities.