Upgrade of OIPA for v2.03

(Wendy Rogers) #1

Hi @siemvaessen do you currently have a timescale for when OIPA will provide full support for v2.03 of the IATI Standard? For work under the ‘Grand Bargain’ we are looking at using some of the v2.03 features and it would be great if any new capability could use OIPA as required? TIA

(Siem Vaessen) #2

Hi @Wendy

It’s actually been available for some time as a non official branch on Github. With some testing work remaining, we are planning to merge that branch into the OIPA dev branch in the next 2 weeks, which would make OIPA available including 2.03 support.

(Wendy Rogers) #3

Brilliant! Thanks for the update @siemvaessen and really good news. Looking forward to its ‘official’ release