Using IATI Data in Microsoft Power BI

Hi, I’m having some success at Bond with using IATI data in Microsoft Power BI for visualisation and analysis. I’m liking Power BI because it’s (relatively) easy to use,there are free training videos for the tougher stuff, and it comes as standard with our Microsoft 365 account (other software packages are available :rofl: )

It’d be good to link up and compare notes with others who are using this software to do stuff with IATI data, maybe set up a community of practice for analysing IATI data or join one if this already exists?

If you are exploring Power BI, get in touch!


We’re actually organising a get-together with multiple organisations who use Power BI tomorrow, in The Hague.

Let’s compare notes after this meeting. And perhaps plan a session at the upcoming TAG?

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Was a great Power BI get together this morning. Thanks Pelle, Maaike and of course Rolf. Pelle, Rolf, Thea and jan-Willem showed nice reports and dashboards, shared my humble attempts too :wink:

Any screenshots or dashboards you could share?

My company ( have been working with Thea Schpers (from Plan Nederland) the last months on a PowerBI visualisation dashboard. Please have a look and let us know what you think!

I’m organizing a discussion partially inspired by your work with Power BI that’s looking at setting up databases and APIs for developers to use to power IATI-data-driven humanitarian AI applications. Microsoft staff will be sharing their insights and it would be interesting to share something on the IATI datasets you’re using, how you formatted the data and so forth. Here’s a link to the event: