Using related-activity to link data between different publishers

(Steven Flower) #21

Just wanted to flag what the standard says on related-activity:

Another separately reported IATI activity that is related to this one.

I think that supports both use-cases. Are we now in the realm of a difference between reference documentation (what is written down for all) and implementation guidance (what is done in context)?

(leo stolk) #22

@amys and @stevieflow If referring to a single set of level one activities across our our confederation is not an option, all affiliates will have to include repetitions of the hierachy one activities in their individual data sets. Such repetion is undesirable isn’t it?

(Herman van Loon) #23

Ok, so programmes @Oxfam are used to group related activities, but not for financial planning?

(leo stolk) #24

indeed, at this stage, that’s where we are. …

Regions or country level strategic intentions (5 yr) are expressed in sets of three - five programmes (focus choices) each. with tiles, descriptions, etc.
Financial and result intentions are set per country/region per ‘programme’ in annual operating plan,

However actual transactions, income and expenditures are recorded at project level across affiliates that contribute to these programmes.

So programmes ‘belong’ to the collective aka the confederation, the projects belong to and are administrated in, the various confederations affiliates.