Webinar 3: Results & Conditions Guidance

We are pleased to share three IATI Standard Guidance pages for review, following the Technical Team’s consultations with the IATI community.

The third round of IATI Guidance Review consultations took place in March and April 2020. As with previous IATI guidance reviews, the IATI community was invited to provide feedback on draft guidance pages. After carefully reviewing feedback the Technical Team then held a webinar with the community to discuss key areas requiring further detail, any conflicting views among the community, and recommended use. Following the webinar, the team updated the pages, incorporating the feedback received.

Links to the updated pages are below, and a summary of discussions is available in the presentation slides.

Guidance Page Key updates
Result information Provides an overview of IATI results data Highlights that results should be meaningful to the organisation Notes the complexity of results and security implications Contains example xml Explains Standard terminology and use of types, measures, baselines, etc.
Understanding results data Visually presents results data (based on previous d-portal visualisation) Builds up understanding of the different elements and attributes Name changed to better reflect the purpose of the page
Conditions Explains why conditions are useful Explains what kind of conditions can be published and how further detail can be added

Please review

These guidance documents aim to expand on what is currently in the IATI Standard and current overview pages. We recognise there are a number of areas of divergence between the current overview pages and the Standard. The revised guidance pages are intended to align with the Standard.

Please reply in this thread if you spot instances where the new guidance documents do not align with the Standard pages. Please comment by Friday 3 July. If you have additional questions about the guidance or require clarification about any of the guidance pages, the Technical Team is happy to arrange a call with you.

In line with previous consultations, these guidance documents attempt to explain and interpret what is in the IATI Standard. Organisations must still decide how best to apply this to their own data.

These guidance pages will be reviewed by a copy editor before being published on the IATI Standard website.

Thank you very much in advance!