Webinar: IATI COVID-19 data progress update and consultation- Tuesday 30 June

It has now been two months since IATI launched guidance on how to publish and use IATI data relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. The IATI Secretariat is holding a webinar to provide an update on what IATI COVID-19 data is now available and understand what more can be done to meet the needs of data users.

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Draft Agenda - Tuesday 30 June 3:30-5pm UK time.

Analysis of COVID-19 data

The Secretariat is currently undertaking analysis of COVID-19 data published so far. The analysis will help provide a better understanding on which organisations are publishing, how they are publishing, what this data tells about COVID-19-related activities, and if/how this data meets user needs.

Based on this analysis, the Secretariat will engage specific organisations with the goal of improving the volume and quality of COVID-19 data published. We encourage organisation that have not yet published data, to use the IATI publishing guidance to do so as soon as possible., This will enable the Secretariat to include as many datasets as possible in the analysis, provide assistance to address specific issues arising and identify and discuss systemic issues with the broader community.

This webinar will be an opportunity to share these findings with the community and to continue discussions on if/how further adjustments are needed to publishing to ensure that this data meets the needs of IATI data users. We will also share guiding questions to registered participants in advance of the webinar.

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Hi techteam, I missed this webinar, is the recording available?

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Hi @stolk and all,

Here are links to:


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