What APIs exist currently?

(Ben Webb) #1

We should maintain a list of all the IATI related APIs somewhere, possibly with a list of relevant contacts, and whether the developers are involved in this working group.

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List of APIs


Additionally the IATI Dashboard is built off a poorly documented static JSON API.

In development

Comparison of APIs

We should probably have a full “feature matrix” to compare APIs.

For now, @stevieflow has been doing some work comparing the number of activities in different APIs - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqXcKmXbCG-OdGN2NnBHa0NqY0JEbjhSaURaWWtCaXc&usp=drive_web#gid=0

(Steven Flower) #2

(from call on 26th September)

Those on the call agreed that a “feature matrix” would be a useful next ste. This would include:

  • listing of all APIs
  • evaluation of overall status (dead vs live!)
  • in depth listing of functions/features of existing/live APIs

Such a feature matrix would enable the Working Group to chart next steps.

We are looking for volunteers to work on this

WG call - 26th September
(Siem Vaessen) #3

Work done in the past:

  • Define exact scope for the API standarisation

  • API’s current status - analysis

  • User needs on API level

  • DFID need speccing it more

  • Seperate API’s

  • Activity level API

  • Organisation level API

  • Aggregate API (sub function for API?)

  • API standard based on IATI V2.0.1 - probably goes live Q1/Q2 2015

  • API convention wrt IATI

  • API should support all IATI versions? Probably not bind it to a specific version

  • API as a Service?

  • Impact of IATI upgrade to 2.0.1 on current API’s

  • Which API’s out there - What APIs exist currently?

  • Master API layer that talks to the variety of API’s? Performance RISK.

  • Single API contract: if you put a request to API in same format and send the call to any of those API’s, they should all send the same result

  • Future: construct your own custom queries

  • Common URI structure to align all API’s

  • Datastores/API as a service (DFID)

  • Feature matrix for comparison?

  • Based on What APIs exist currently? set a shortlist of ‘active’ API’s and focus the matrix comparison on those alone.