What do we do about IATI documentation on other languages?

I recently learnt from my colleagues working on the Open Contracting Data Standard that a community-led Italian translation of the standard documentation now exists.

OCDS already have the full documentation available in English, Spanish and French. These are maintained centrally.

The whole process and technology used for this is well documented, and integrated into the tech stack. This is linked to how OCDS generate documentation, built on some key components and patterns we have documented in an open standards handbook.

This all seems as one would expect for an international standard.

With IATI, we seem to have English only. What do we need to do to change that? It is a priority for the community, for members, for the Secretariat?


En effet Steven, le standard n’est disponible qu’en anglais, or IATI a un vrai rôle a joué. La participation des pays d’Afrique francophone est encore limitée. Je pense que la langue de la documentation peut être un frein. Dans notre reporting, nous faisons l’effort de publier les données en anglais et en français dès que possible. La Banque africaine étant bilingue, cela facilite le processus.

La transparence n’est pas qu’anglophone, elle est polyglotte. Nous l’oublions souvent. Si nous voulons aider au mieux les pays, notamment dans l’utilisation des données IATI nous devons avoir un standard multilingue qui puisse s’adapter à leur plateforme de gestion de l’aide.

Je pense que c’est aussi une erreur des francophone, dont moi, qui ne mettons pas assez le français en avant et continuons de parler anglais!


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Update on Italian OCDS documentation

See it here: http://standard.open-contracting.org/latest/it/

This translation is entirely thanks to Alessio Dragoni, Paolo Starace and Alex Oriani of SciamLab. Huge congrats for their efforts.

This is also our first community translation under the translation and localization policy that was shared and discussed here last year. The documentation is otherwise available in English, French and Spanish.

If you are interested in translating the full documentation into another language, please express your interest to data@open-contracting.org, and we can help you get set up (it mostly involves translating text in Transifex).