What ideas do you have for TAG2018?


(John Adams) #1

We are thinking about the key themes we want to cover at the upcoming TAG2018 in Kathmandu in October/November this year.

I’ve written a short note with a few ideas but I’d love to hear ideas from the TAG community.

In particular:

  • What themes would be particularly relevant to Nepal?
  • How could we have attendees leaving the TAG with surprise and delight at how IATI can help address their needs?

(Steven Flower) #2

Thanks @JohnAdams for sharing these thoughts and ideas

The themes look very interesting and engaging

I wanted to also suggest we think about format of the TAG , alongside the themes and topics. My experience of the last few TAG meetings has been that the majority of time has been taken up / scheduled beforehand - and that generally the approach for sessions has been some presentations, followed by group discussion. Before we know it, the music stops and we’re off to the next session!

I’d advocate for some dedicated open space (or even thematic space - a room dedicated to Policy Markers, anyone?!) where people can gather and focus on a topic, but without the pressure on some to present / facilitate. In turn, that might help more people to participate, rather than listen.

Of course, there’s still ample room for other formats - but I’d welcome any space along these lines.

And yes - maybe I’ll be the only one in the Policy Marker room (but I guess @Herman will be there!)

(John Adams) #3

Thanks Steven. I’m tempted to create a Steven+Herman Hub right at the centre of the venue and see what happens…

But seriously, I agree with the idea of creating more open and thematic space to allow a more free flow of ideas. I’m open to any suggestions about how we can do this.

(Ole Jacob Hjøllund) #4

Looking forward to ‘the event of the year’. A general headline for the handful of proposals I wish to draft soon could be ‘integrating IATI into partner … systems’. Not trying to take attention away from partner country government systems, but I wish to promote the case (business case, actually) that we will all find benefits when we take the datastandard to the next level. By that I mean, using the format to standardise our daily interactions - finding ‘dataquality’ and improved transparency to be fringe benefits to a more efficient approach to daily management… I will be proposing updates to both the registry, the organisational and the activity standards, to that end. But not today.

(John Adams) #5

Thank you for the responses so far. Let us hear more of your ideas for the TAG.

My own thoughts are clustering around the themes of

  • How do we make use of the data now to solve today’s problems?
  • What could the future look like and how can we shape it?

So let’s hear what you have to think too…

(Michelle Levesque) #6

I’m new to all of this and the plans at this point are for me to join the TAG. It will be the first time IOM attends so I’m sure I’ll be playing catch up as compared to a lot of attendees. I know the meeting itself is open to all but was wondering if there is any sort of pre-meeting (or during meeting) caucus for attendees representing IATI members?

If there are enough folks like me, perhaps an “intro to TAG” session at the beginning to get the newbies and in particular non-technical folks, up to speed would be nice.

I’m not an IT person at all but I’d love to have the opportunity to discuss the technical priorities and how they align (or not) with the discussions from the members’ assembly with what is going on might be useful. Also ensuring the techies are lined up with the policy side of things. I still have to look back at the minutes and notes to see what, if anything, there is beyond the technical audit and improving data use discussions.

I hope this helps and makes sense.

Kind Regards,