What ideas do you have for TAG2018?


(rohini.simbodyal) #21

Hi all,

I’m working on comms for the TAG 2018 (before/during/after).

If you want to promote your work or have any other comms ideas, do get in contact with me. You could consider writing a blog, newspost, tweet or even doing a short video interview!


Looking forward to seeing you in Kathmandu!

(Yohanna Loucheur) #22

I’d be interested to learn from others, as we prepare to start integrating SDG coding in our data at GAC.

(Reid Porter) #23

Same here. (Been waiting on an SDG session for a year now!)

(Annelise Parr) #24

@reidmporter and @YohannaLoucheur help us to shape a useful session on SDGs; we have included the slot (session 14 on Wednesday) and want to make sure it’s what people want to hear and discuss. Would you be free for a call to set this session up? Wednesday/Thursday in the afternoons?

(Reid Porter) #25

I could talk tomorrow afternoon, but my input would be minimal - mostly I am/was looking to ascertain what is best or even common practice. That said, would still be willing to pull together a session with more knowledge folks, though I do currently have a session scheduled immediately before this one.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #26

I’m good tomorrow afternoon but not Thursday. My main interest is hearing what others are doing - or considering doing - about SDG coding.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #27

People interested in this session should read this post & response from @markbrough.

Apologies @aparr, these details were not clear in my memory during yesterday’s call ie the fact that some work is needed to enable the publishing of SDG targets as tags as decided by the DAC WP-STAT.

The TAG session would be a good opportunity to go over this together and clarify the way forward.