What's the IATI Yammer?

(Steven Flower) #1

At the IATI Members’ Assembly I heard mention of the “IATI Yammer”.

Can anybody explain what this is, who it is for, and how to access it?

If it’s a closed channel for a certain constituency, it’s important to know this. Of course, people are very very welcome to discuss IATI in a variety of channels, but we should be minded of our open/public forum potentially suffering if discussions are routed elsewhere…

Thanks in advance

(Annelise Parr) #2

@stevieflow we do indeed have closed channels for the Board and for the Secretariat to stay in touch for our day to day work. From time to time we’ve also used Yammer for working groups (for eg the Institutional Working Group and the Data Use Task Force). There is not an ‘all IATI’ Yammer Board - and Discuss is the place for those conversations.

(Melinda Cuzner) #3

@stevieflow, the bilateral and provider caucus also have a discussion forum on yammer (even if it is presently inactive). I think it started there to not clutter all the other forums with questions of a particular interest to this group. But if we reactivate the forum, which many showed and interest for in Copenhagen, we can have the dialogue if we perhaps should move it to a more public space.

(Michelle Levesque) #4

Dear Melinda,

As a member of the bilateral & provider caucus how would I join the discussion forum on yammer?

Kind Regards,

(Melinda Cuzner) #5

Dear Michelle,

Sorry for a late reply. The Yammer group is still inactive but I will reactivate it when I get back to the office. I’ll keep you posted!