Where to suggest changes to the standard?

(Steven Flower) #1

Can we clarify where a suggestion for any edit to the standard should ideally start?

Is it here in Discuss, or over at http://support.iatistandard.org/home still?

(Dale Potter) #2

Hi Steven, for the time being, suggestions can be made to the http://support.iatistandard.org/home site.

In time we are looking to consolidate the places for discussion, so it is likely that the categories on these forums will be reorganised and will feature a ‘suggest changes’ section. In this case, we would migrate existing conversations from the support.iatistandard site too.

(Michael Medley) #3

And is there a clear account of the process of deciding on changes to the standard, and a public place where one can see where various proposals are in that process?

(Wendy Rogers) #4

Just to add to Dale’s post any formal requests for updates to the IATI Standard should be posted to the ‘Modifications, Additions & Improvements’ Forum at http://support.iatistandard.org/forums/20020808-Modifications-Additions-Improvements. Also there is some information about the upgrade process at http://iatistandard.org/201/upgrades/ although this page will be reviewed and potentially updated shortly.