Where's the list of Busan Implementation Schedules?

The OECD DAC used to host all the Implementation Schedules from organisations that agreed the Busan outcome. This was useful in terms of a single point of access to check these commitments.

I can’t now find that page. The page that might have replaced it has no mention of Implementation Schedules.

@markbrough has found an archive copy of the page on the web archive website - which is lucky for us

Via IATI documentation there is a page on Implementation Schedules, with templates. A GitHub repository hosts these, but not the ones completed by donors.

As important artifacts on aid transparency, it is peculiar if these documents are now not available. Hopefully I’ve just mistyped - any info @IATI-techteam?

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@stevieflow Thanks for posting. I have now got in touch with the OECD DAC to check what has happened. I know they have gone through a website restructure but the hosting page should not have been lost. I will add a comments as soon as I have more information.

IATI publishers can also add a link to their Implementation Schedule in the IATI Registry metadata with a URL to where the file has been hosted on their website. See for example, UNDP’s page. However, it is up to the publishers to add and update that link.

Hi @petyakangalova. Did you hear any more about this?

(it’s sort of related to this discussion, I think)

I don’t see how. Could you explain, @stevieflow? Thanks

“sort of” was the key term :slight_smile:

It’d be good to know the status of the Implementation Schedules, regardless

@stevieflow Unfortunately, I have not had a response since I raised the question. I have sent another email to Valerie and Marc from the OECD and copied you in. Hopefully we’ll get an answer.

Thanks @petyakangalova

This is the response I received from the OECD:

The page we had made available was to track implementation schedules of the common standard as defined in Busan. At the GPEDC HLM in Mexico in December 2016, the GPEDC report clearly indicated that the common standard could not be implemented (p101 of the GPEDC report : ….”it became clear that it was not possible to implement a single common standard along the lines mandated by the Busan Partnership Agreement.” The common standard is no longer mentioned in the formal Nairobi outcome document either). At the time of the redesign of our website, we decided to archive the Implementation schedule page as – based on the above and the fact that there was very little use of the page – we believed it was no longer necessary to track them. In addition and since 2016 I do not think we received any schedules.

I can see in the archive page you can access the implementation schedules sent to the DAC secretariat after the deadline of December 2015 in here.

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