Who is going to the TAG 2018?

(Steven Flower) #1

It’d be really helpful to know who will be at the TAG meeting in person - to help us think about the conversations and discussions we want to have.

We should also acknowledge that some community members can’t get there. We should be minded of any decisions we might try to make at the TAG, especially if people are not able to join.

@IATI-techteam are you able to share a list?


  • I’m going!
  • I know my colleague @rory_scott from Open Data Services Co-operative is going.

Anyone else?

Deadline extension for TAG 2018 session proposals
(James Coe) #2

I should be heading there. I’ve pitched a couple of sessions. I hope to be sharing some of our data use stories from our US foreign assistance project and digging into how we can make existing IATI data more user-friendly.

(Yohanna Loucheur) #3

Just got confirmation that I’m going too.

Speaking of making decisions, I haven’t seen anything about decisions to be made (e.g. changes to standard, elections etc), as far as I recall. Have I missed a whole section of Discuss?

(Reid Porter) #4

I’ll…be theeeere…[“with a love that will shelter youuuuu”…whoops, sorry!] I submitted a ‘workshop’ proposal on Monday related to results, which was my way of asking for a hybrid/open space session.

@Herman and @tdavis supporting, so I assume they’re coming. That’s all I know

(Pelle Aardema) #5

I’ve just booked my flight too!

And yes, @Herman and @theo.sande are coming.

(Michelle Levesque) #6

I’m joining for IOM. Still working on logistics.

(Siem Vaessen) #7

ZZ in, need to arrange ticket etc. But should be good.

(Debbiche) #8

moi moi moi :smiley:

(Michelle Levesque) #9

At MA the attendee list was not distributed until after the meeting and it didn’t include email addresses. What do people think about giving prior authorization to the IATI secretariat to release our email addresses and an attendee list at the beginning of the meeting? If anyone is like me I use them to make notes to remember who is who and who I talked to about what. Thoughts?

(Siem Vaessen) #10

That would have been nice during the pre GDPR era, I am now pretty sure this is not allowed anymore unless permission was explicitly requested and granted by the attendee during the sign up for the TAG.

(Taryn Davis) #11

Reid is correct, I’ll be there!

(Thea Schepers) #12

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it. Would love to join you next time.

(rohini.simbodyal) #13

Hi all,

I’m working on comms for the TAG 2018 (before/during/after).

If you want to promote your work or have any other comms ideas, do get in contact with me. You could consider writing a blog, newspost, tweet or even doing a short video interview!


Looking forward to seeing you in Kathmandu!

(Yohanna Loucheur) #14

Fully agree with Michelle that a list of participants with email addresses would be extremely useful.

It should be rather simple to send an email to all TAG participants seeking this permission. Going forward, this should be part of the registration process for all MA and TAG meetings.

(John Adams) #15

Me, Roderick, Ross, Gazi and Rumy are coming from DFID.

(John Adams) #16

Yea, we missed the “permission to share your details” box on the registration form…#GDPR

Looking at ways of encouraging people to share that they are coming - probably through Sched like we have done before.

(Michelle Levesque) #17

Could we not simply have a sheet at the check-in or opening session where people can indicated if they are wliling to release that info? That way, when the attendee list is distributed it can include email addresses for those who wrote it down?

(Taryn Davis) #18

Anyone else miss booking a room before the non-smoking standard rooms ran out? Curious if there is another main hotel people will be staying at.

(Aria Grabowski) #19

I’m going and I guess I will have the same issue as Taryn.

(Michelle Levesque) #20

I have a colleague who lived in Kathmandu for three years and he highly recommends I stay in the area called Thamel. It is about a 15 minute taxi to the Crown Plaza but it is in the heart of the city and safe for an individual woman to be walking around on her own. He is now working on organizing a hotel there so as soon as I know what it is I will be glad to share the info with everyone. I’m happy to share taxis to and from for anyone who stays at the same place.